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AMP Income Protection Insurance

AMP offers flexible insurance to buyers who are looking for life insurance, income protection insurance or TPD and trauma insurance. Each of these plans offers unique benefits to policy holders however; the overlapping benefit of all these plans is that, the policy holder can live his life without constantly worrying about health problems and money issues. Mentioned below are some details on income protection plans offered by this insurer and highlights of the other types of insurance plans offered by AMP.

AMP Plans

AMP income protection insurance plans are flexible and allow buyers to choose various features of the plan such as the waiting period, benefit period and level of cover. Buyers can also select the type of cover and payment options while purchasing an income protection plan. Premiums for the selected insurance plan can be made by the phone, by BPay or in person at the post office. Payments can also be made by the month via credit card or from your savings account. The AMP Flexible Lifetime Protection Income Protection plan offers up to 75% monthly compensation to policy holders. Buyers who are interested to purchase this income protection plan from AMP can choose from three covers that are the basic cover, advanced cover or standard cover. The income protection plans are ideal for people who want to receive compensation payments when they cannot work. It is important to note that the benefits provided by AMP will depend on the type of cover selected that is basic, standard or advanced.

he Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma Cover

The Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma Cover offered by AMP provides a lump sum payment when the policy holder is critically ill and has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This plan ensures that the policy holder can live comfortably for the rest of his life. This plan also provides financial aid if you are seriously disabled and need help to meet the costs of rehabilitation programs. In addition, this plan offers a lump sum compensation payment to the beneficiaries of the policy in case the policy holder passes away.

Business Overhead Insurance Plan

The Business Overhead Insurance Plan pays for rents, property rates, company vehicle leases and salaries of employees if the business owner is ill and cannot work for a limited period of time. This policy allows the business owner to get well soon knowing that his company will be taken care of while he is resting and recovering. This plan also covers injuries and disablement of the policy holder.

It is important to note that after purchasing an AMP income protection insurance plan or other plans, the policy holder has to file a claim with the company in order to get the compensation payments. This is mandatory and unless a claim is filed, the insurer will not provide the purchased benefits. AMP offers a simple claim filing procedure and to file a claim the policy holder has to contact their call center and provide the details of the claim. The number for the claims call center is 13 14 37. Further instructions and details will be provided to the policy holder on the phone itself.


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