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AXA Income Protection Insurance

AXA is an award winning provider of financial products and services in Australia. This company has more than $54 billion funds under management and employs more than 1,300 financial advisers along with nearly 2,000 employees.

Since AXA strongly believes in providing good financial advice, this company hires financial advisors who are the best in their field and have experience dealing with income protection insurance and other types of insurance products. Other than income protection plans, this company also offers life insurance plans, total and permanent disability covers, trauma insurance, business expense insurance plan and group insurance plans.

AXA offers income protection insurance plans amongst other financial products to Australian residents. The income insurance plans offered by this company provide cover for up to 75% of the policy holder’s gross income that is net of business expenses. Policy holders who opt for the services of AXA are eligible to get compensation payments when they are unable to work due to problems such as either sickness or injury.

The income protection insurance plans offered by AXA are flexible and policy holders can tailor these plans to suit their individual requirements. This company offers many types of income protection plans that include income protection premium plan, income insurance plus plan and income insurance plan.

This company also offers a superannuation plan that is ideal for people who want to ensure a safe future. AXA offers the business expense insurance plan to self employed individuals who want to ensure that their business does not suffer when they cannot work due to disability and illnesses.

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Income protection is a crucial part of any comprehensive financial plan. If you�d like some help customising the correct policy for you, or want to know more about the income protection insurance benefits.