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Benefits of Short Term Disability Income Protection Insurance

Last modified: 12 Sep 2015

Overview of Short Term Disability Insurance

Income covers are considered to be a must for everybody who earns a steady income since these plans ensure that the bread winner of the family can continue providing for his dependents when he is injured, ill and cannot earn a steady income for a month or longer. These plans also offer a wide range of basic and comprehensive benefits such as but not limited to a death benefit for the policy holder, transplant surgery and cosmetic surgery benefit for the policy holder and accommodation benefit for the policy holder and his family. In addition, rehabilitation expenses benefits will provide the policy holder with a compensation amount for rehabilitation expenses if applicable. Additional benefits that are offered for a nominal fee to interested policy holders include the day one accident claim benefit, the guaranteed renewability benefit and the indexation benefit. Each of these benefits is meant to help policy holders when it’s time to file a claim for compensation.


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