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Business overhead insurance for security guard business owners

Last modified: 23 Apr 2013


The last thing you want while trying to recover from an injury or severe illness is to worry about your business and whether it will survive until you can return to work. Business overhead insurance is the perfect way to alleviate your worries because it can be used to pay any financial commitments you have regarding your business.

So for example, your benefit payments can be calculated to cover:

Without business overhead insurance all of the financial commitments mentioned above would need to be paid from your income protection benefit payments. This would obviously leave you with a lot less per month to live on, and it could become a case of ‘keep the business running or keep the family happy’.

Normally it is possible to add business overhead insurance to an income protection insurance policy. This doesn’t always offer the best pay-outs though and it is often worth purchasing a separate policy for each type of insurance. The key is to shop around and try to find the best deal for your particular needs.


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