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Choosing between Income Protection and Personal Accident Insurance

Last modified: 2 Jun 2013


Differences Between Income Protection  & Personal Accident Insurance

While both income protection covers and personal accident covers offer financial aid to the policy holder, each of these plans offers the compensation payment in a different set of scenarios. Income covers offer the compensation payment when the policy holder has sustained a temporary injury or is temporarily ill whereas; personal accident covers only provide a compensation payment when the policy holder is injured, disabled or passes away due to the direct result of an accident.


Benefits of Comparing Insurance Plans Before Purchasing Them

Purchasing the first plan you see is not recommended for people who are interested in making use of the compensation payouts during emergencies. By comparing plans before purchasing them you can review 2 or more plans and understand all the differences between the selected plans. Comparing plans using the services of a website that allows you to view the selected plans on the same screen helps you understand, the price differences, the different benefits offered by each plan and the different terms of each plan.

Insurance comparison websites offer online comparison services that are easy to use and do not cost anything extra. These services can be combined with free multiple quote services if you are interested in getting the best insurance quote.


How to Compare Income Insurance and Accident Plans


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