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Comminsure Income Protection Insurance

Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society also known as Comminsure was established in the year 1873. Comminsure is a leader in providing insurance products in Australia and this company not only offers income protection plans but also life insurance plans and total and permanent disability plans. Home insurance, care insurance, trauma insurance and short term annuities are some of the financial products offered by Comminsure. This company strongly believes in responsible investing and encourages its members to do the same.

Comminsure offers 4 types of income protection plans to Australian residents. The first plan is known as income care plus and this plan offers a wide variety of ancillary benefits and features. The second plan is known as income care and offers a few of the ancillary benefits along with some features at an affordable cost. The third plan is known as income care super and offers benefits such as the option to insure up to 75 per cent of income, while paying premiums using super money.

The fourth plan is known as business overheads cover and is meant for self employed individuals and sole traders. The first plan is meant for white collared professionals where as the second and third plans are meant for blue collared professionals. The third plan can also be purchased by sole traders.

The plans offered by Comminsure offer tax deductible premiums and superannuation contributions up to 15% if the buyer is eligible for this benefit. Buyers who opt for these income protection plans can customize the selected plan and choose the insured amount, the waiting period and the benefit period.

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Income protection is a crucial part of any comprehensive financial plan. If you�d like some help customising the correct policy for you, or want to know more about the income protection insurance benefits.