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Guardian Income Protection Insurance

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to purchase an income protection plan from this insurer, you have to be an Australian resident aged between 18 – 59 years. Only working adults are eligible to get income protection insurance plans. Medical tests and blood examinations are not required to be eligible for a policy. Both smokers and non-smokers are offered income protection policies and other insurance policies by this insurer.



The basic compensation benefit allows the policy holder to get compensation payments of maximum $10,000 every month or 75% of the buyer’s annual pre-tax deductible income. Buyers can choose a waiting period depending on their personal requirement and buyers have an option to choose between a waiting period of 30 days or 90 days. The benefit period ranges from 1 year – 5 years and buyers can choose how many years they want to enjoy the given benefits for. Additional benefits can also be purchased for a nominal fee.

Additional benefits

The premiums for income protection plans are tax deductible. The additional rehabilitation benefits plan can help buyers get back to work soon. Optional homemaker insurance is also offered for a nominal fee to eligible buyers. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered to all buyers who want to try out the policy before committing to it. The premiums can either be paid fortnightly or monthly and various premium options such as stepped or levelled premiums are offered.

The income insurance plans offered by this insurer are compatible with the other insurance plans offered from the same insurer, which means that buyers can mix and purchase policies based on their requirements. Buyers who are interested in purchasing policies can call up the insurance company’s hotline number or they can visit the website of an authorized insurance agent to purchase a policy online.



To file a Guardian income protection insurance claim, the buyer can either call or email the insurer on their helpline number or email address. A few documents have to be submitted when a claim is being filed and these documents include a completed claim booklet, a certificate of identity proof and original policy document along with policy schedule. Certain other documents such as additional identity documents may be required in certain cases.

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