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HCF Income Protection Insurance

The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia (HCF) was founded in the year 2000 and this is a not for profit charitable trust. This company promises its members to deal with their queries on the spot, offer immediate help, provide excellent customer service and keep members updated when there are changes in their policies.


Insurance Plans

HCF offers income protection insurance to permanent Australian residents who want to protect their future and ensure that they do not have financial problems when they cannot work due to disablement. The income assist insurance plan offered by this company is offered to people who are between the ages of 18-54 and the basic benefit offered is monthly compensation payments up to 75% of the policy holder’s annual income for a total of 12 months.


Compensation Payments

The compensation payments given by HCF can be used by the policy holder to pay for rent, mortgages, loans and monthly bills. Policy holders who opt for the income protection insurance plan can enjoy the purchased benefits after waiting for 30 days. This waiting period is only applicable for the first payment given by HCF and the waiting period begins, after the policy holder has filed a claim.


Additional benefits

Additional benefits are also offered by this company and one of these benefits covers cost for pre-school child care expenses. The income assist insurance plan offered by HCF is a tax efficient protection plan and these plans can be purchased online in just a few minutes. Unlike some other companies, HCF does not believe in lengthy questionnaire or extensive medicals.

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Income protection is a crucial part of any comprehensive financial plan. If you�d like some help customising the correct policy for you, or want to know more about the income protection insurance benefits.