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ING Income Protection Insurance

ing income protection

ING Income Protection Insurance is now known as One Path Income Protection which is a wholly subsidiary of ANZ group. Income protection insurance is one of the many types of insurance plans offered by this leading insurer in Australia.


Benefits of ING Income Protection

ING income protection insurance offers many benefits such as compensation payments of up to $10,000 per month and a hassle free application process. Unlike other insurers, ING doesn’t require applicants to take a series of tests or provide detailed medical reports. ING offers five income protection plans to Australian residents and some important features of these plans are mentioned below.

Buyers who are interested to opt for ING Income Protection Plan can opt for a cover level that offers a monthly compensation of $1000-$10,000. People who work in low risk occupations can benefit maximum from this plan. The OneCare Income Secure cover offers compensation payments of up to 80% of your annual income. This flexible cover is ideal for people who work full time and want assurance that they will get maximum compensation when they cannot work temporarily due to reasons such as disablement or illness. People who work in high risk occupations can benefit most out of this plan.

Income Protection Plans

The OneCare Business Expenses Cover is meant for business owners, sole traders or partnerships. This plan covers all business expenses when the policy holder is unable to go to work. The OneCare Living Expenses Cover protects the policy holder when he is significantly disabled. This plan is ideal for home makers, retirees and part time employees. The Group Salary Continuance Plan pays a monthly compensation amount of up to 75% of the policy holder’s annual income if he cannot work due to either illness or disablement.


Main Feature

The main feature of this plan is that, this plan offers worldwide cover which means that the policy holder is protected for three months while he is overseas. The worldwide cover is applicable even if the policy holder is in a foreign country on vacation. Members of super funds and people who want basic tax effective insurance plans can benefit most from this cover.

ING protection insurance plans are popular mainly because buyers are given the option to customize plans according to their needs. ING understands that each buyer is unique hence they offer various protection plans for people on different budgets.


Benefit Period

The benefit period of these plans ranges from 6 months to 24 months and the waiting period ranges from 30 days to 90 days. Buyers are given an option to include the Total and Permanent Disability Cover in the purchased ING income protection insurance plan for a nominal fee.

Each of the ING income protection insurance plans can be bundled up with other insurance plans offered by this insurer. For instance the Group Salary Continuance Plan can be bundled up with either the Group Life cover or Group TPD cover. Buyers who are interested in purchasing 2 or more insurance plans from ING may not only be offered discounts but may also be offered other reward.

Customer Reviews

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