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HSBC Income Protection Insurance

HSBC Australia offers a wide and extensive range of financial services. This company has a vast network of 35 branches and offices. The services offered by this company include but are not limited to personal insurance such as income protection insurance and financial planning services.

Other services offered by HSBC Australia include trade finance services, security custody and payments with cash management services. This company has assets that total to US$2,691 billion as of 30 June 201. HSBC is considered to be one of the leading banking and financial services organizations in the world.

The income protection insurance plans offered by HSBC guarantee a monthly income in case the policy holder is totally disabled and cannot work. In addition, these insurance plans provide a proportion of the guaranteed monthly income amount if the policy holder is partially disabled.

Policy holders who opt for an income protection plan from this company can insure 75% of their annual income and policy holders will receive the first compensation payment after the waiting period is over. HSBC offers compensation either till the end of the benefit period or till the policy holder has recovered.

HSBC also offers income protection insurance plans for self employed individuals. Self employed individuals who want to cover their business’s cash flow in times of hardship can opt for the Business Expense Insurance plan. HSBC offers policies to interested people through their online website and they also offer policies through authorized and reputed insurance agents. These agents have websites that offer comparison services, multiple quotes and instant policies.


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