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Income Protection for Anesthetists

Since medical professionals such as anesthetists risk their lives on a daily basis to help patients out, insurers who offer income protection for anesthetists, ensure that the plans provided to them have maximum features. Listed below are features and benefits of the plans that are offered to medical professionals.

Basic Compensation
Medical professionals can get compensation payments from the selected insurer for a number of conditions and these monthly compensation payments are usually equal or a little less than 75% of the buyer’s annual pre-tax income.

Compensation for Blood Borne Diseases
Anaesthetists have to use needles on a regular basis to help patients, and due to using needles anesthetists are at a risk of contracting certain illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B.  Medical professionals who contract a blood borne disease such as HIV or Hepatitis due to working with a patient are eligible to receive compensation from the insurance company. The compensation amount given for diseases contracted due to non needle pricks will depend on the situation and the terms of the policy.

Majority of the insurers in Australia offer additional compensation to policy holders who have contracted one of these illnesses while at work mainly because after contracting such illnesses, medical professionals are not allowed to continue working in the medical field. The compensation amount provided will depend on the terms of the policy however, medical professionals can apply for covers that offer up to 1,000,000 compensation.

Mental Disorders
Anesthetists and other medical professionals are also eligible to receive compensation for mental disorders that do not allow them to function at work. The compensation payment given will depend on the level of cover selected that is basic or comprehensive and the type or severity of the mental disorder. Buyers should note that some insurers have a list of mental disorders that are not covered by the policy and before purchasing an income protection plan, buyers should preferably look for an insurer that offers maximum protection.

It is important to note that some insurers require medical professionals to declare their profession clearly while purchasing income protection for anesthetists or other medical professionals. Failure to declare the profession can cause claim related problems later on such as rejected claims. It is also important to note that while some insurers offer all the benefits mentioned above, many insurers in Australia that offer no frill or basic policies require the buyer to opt for additional benefits by paying an additional fee. While purchasing an income protection insurance policy for medical professionals, you should make sure that the selected policy offers maximum benefits since these policies can help you survive and meet your requirements when you cannot work due to one of the medical reasons mentioned above.


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