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Income Protection for Doctors

Certain professionals are more likely to need income protection insurance than others. Doctors and surgeons are two such professionals who not only need income insurance but can also benefit significantly from income insurance plans. Listed below are a few things buyers should know about when they plan to purchase income protection for doctors.

Blood Borne Diseases

Doctors work with patients on a regular basis and this puts them at a risk for contracting various diseases. When a medical professional contracts an illness such as HIV he may be capable to work but cannot due to legal and medical reasons. At such times, insurers step in and assist doctors by providing financial help. Medical professionals who have contracted blood borne diseases while working with patients are eligible to receive compensation payments.

The compensation payment received for blood borne diseases will depend on the insured amount, the type of disease contracted and the type of policy purchased. Agreed value contracts ensure that doctors receive a pre decided amount towards monthly compensation payments once they file a claim.

Needle Stick Cover

Doctors who have been exposed to blood born diseases such Hepatitis due to a needle prick while at work are eligible to receive additional compensation payments if they file for a claim. It is important to note that while some insurers offer financial protection when doctors are infected with HIV, others provide financial protection for many illnesses that include Hepatitis B Hepatitis C.

Extended Benefit Period and Business Expense Cover

Many insurers in Australia are offering an extended benefit period to medical professionals such as doctors. This extended benefit period allows medical professionals to enjoy the benefits offered until they are 70 years old provided the policy is still active at that time.

It is important to note that most insurers offer an extended benefit period with comprehensive policies and not basic plans. Insurers that offer business expense cover as part of income insurance for self employed medical professionals allow policy holders to enjoy additional benefits such as compensation payments towards business expenses for up to 12 months. Doctors who fall ill or are injured temporarily are eligible to receive this compensation payment if their claim application has been accepted.


Buyers who are interested in income protection for doctors should carefully review the terms of the selected plan before purchasing it since some of the benefits mentioned above may be optional and may not be offered with basic plans. Insurers that offer extended benefit periods and other perks mention these terms up front where as insurers that don’t offer these benefits, do not mention these terms. If you are looking for a specific benefit then you should consider comparing policies and insurers before purchasing income protection insurance for doctors.


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