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OnePath Income Protection Insurance

OnePath has provided wealth, insurance and advice solutions to Australians for over 130 years and this company was previously known as Mercantile Mutual. OnePath was more recently known as ING Australia but now OnePath is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ that is Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.

ANZ is a leading local and global bank that operates in 32 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Europe. ANZ employs more than 48,000 people and provides products along with services to over 8 million people.

OnePath offers various income protection insurance plans for buyers in Australia. This company offers a simple plan for do it yourself users, this plan is known as the Easy Protect Income plan and offers financial security when people cannot work due to problems such as illness or disablement. The OneCare Income Secure Cover is offered to people from various professions and this type of cover offers choice. This comprehensive cover is flexible and allows the buyer to choose various features of the cover.

The OneCare Business Expense Cover allows self employed individuals to protect their businesses when they cannot work due to health reasons. The OneCare Living Expense Cover allows spouses to take time off work when their significant others are injured or seriously ill.

The Group Salary Continuance Cover offers financial protection for people who work for group super funds or are members of such funds. Each of the covers mentioned above provide varied degrees of protection depending on the premium paid and options selected.

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Income protection is a crucial part of any comprehensive financial plan. If you�d like some help customising the correct policy for you, or want to know more about the income protection insurance benefits.