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BT Income Protection Insurance (Westpac)

BT Income Protection


BT offers a range of insurance products for Australian buyers and some of these insurance products include income protection insurance, car insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, home and contents insurance and disability insurance. BT Income protection  plans are flexible and give you maximum control over the policy.


If you opt for income protection insurance from this insurer then you will be eligible to receive up to 75% of your yearly gross income. This compensation amount is offered when you file a claim. You can file a claim when you are unable to work temporarily due to which you cannot earn a steady income. Claims are paid quickly however; buyers have to wait for a few weeks to get the first compensation period. This waiting period is mandatory and helps keep the cost of the policy to a minimum.

Features of  BT (Westpac ) Insurance

If you decide to opt for Income Protection Insurance from Westpac then you will be given a choice between indemnity and agreed value contracts. In addition, your cover will be automatically renewed every year until the age of 65 regardless of change to your health or occupation. The loyalty benefits and other promotional deals are offered to buyers who are non-smokers. Multi policy discounts and worldwide cover are offered to all buyers. Buyers can also make use of the automatic indexation benefits if they are eligible. Other additional benefits may also be offered with some policies.

Additional Features of Westpac Insurance

For a nominal fee, you can purchase the needle stick cover or the children’s benefit cover. The needle stick cover is meant for medical professionals who want to protect their financial future if they are unable to work in the medical field. The needle stick cover protects medical professionals when they contract certain illnesses due to being stuck by a needle during the line of duty. A lump sum compensation amount is offered to people who opt for this cover.  The children’s benefit cover pays the policy holder a lump sum amount if his child has been diagnosed with one of the insured medical problems.

Business Expenses Insurance

Business expenses insurance is for self-employed individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of income protection Westpac(BT) insurance. The features of business expenses insurance include a monthly benefit for everyday costs of running the business, competitive premium rates for policies, discounts on premiums for people who do not smoke and automatic cover renewability option. Automatic indexation is also offered as an additional perk to self-employed business owners who opt for this type of insurance plan. Multi policy discounts and nominal fees for add on covers are some of the other benefits that buyers can enjoy.


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