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Getting Income Insurance Protection

Income protection policies are offered to buyers in Australia who are interested to secure their financial future. These plans ensure that members and their families do not have to suffer in case the registered member is injured, due to which he cannot earn money.

Some plans also offer protection when the policy holder is severely ill and cannot earn money due to the illness. When getting income protection insurance, buyers may need to call a few companies or individuals so that they get a plan that is ideal for them.

Listed below are a few suggestions on who to call when getting income insurance protection plans.

The insurance company

Buyers should consider calling the insurance company if they have any doubts regarding the terms and conditions of the policy. Buyers should also call the insurance company if they want to find out the limitations of the policy. If the buyer is purchasing a policy from a comparison website then the buyer should call the helpline number of the website to get clarifications regarding his insurance doubts. Usually comparison websites offer answers to various insurance questions instantly and these helpline numbers are easy to get a hold of.

Financial advisors

Buyers who want to know how much insurance to get or which plan to get should call their financial advisors for assistance. Most buyers choose to call financial advisors when they want to opt for specialized schemes such as superannuation schemes that offer special benefits. Superannuation income protection plans may allow buyers to insure up to an additional 9% of the pre-tax income. Financial advisors can also help buyers understand if they should opt for indemnity contracts, agreed value contracts, long term contracts or short term contracts.

Your partner

Buyers who have dependants may want to call their partners and consult with them regarding various schemes before purchasing an income protection policy. Doing so ensures that buyers get plans that are ideal not only for them but also for their families.


Most income insurance protection comparison websites offer advice that is usually offered for no additional charge. Buyers and also offer various online tools that can help buyers understand which policy to get and how much to insure themselves for. These tools can be accessed by users who want to get new policies and these tools can be used for no charge.

Buyers who are interested in using these online tools have to choose a good comparison website and fill in a few details that will help them decide which policy is ideal for them. People who are interested in purchasing policies online can also get single quotes, multiple quotes and use comparison services before purchasing a policy.


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